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Creating Pay Back Free Privacy Lending aka Charity Loans

Our charitable mission is to provide spiritual insight and guidance and through donations build blockchain based technologies that will help end poverty and hunger worldwide 🌐

In Ouija we have faith, we have insight, we have truth!

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Our Charitable Mission

Is to bring blockchain technology to the forefront by creating a unique blockchain known as the Safeth Platinum Blockchain, that through proof of staking, network activity, surveys, social activities, shopping, and much more we will be able to create a private lending blockchain in which users will be able to take out loans without hassle, without credit checks that self repay over a period of years.

Building Automated Private Lending

The 21st century has brought many incredible innovations. Everything from television, the modern airplane, the world wide web, and computers. However, there is still plenty of room for innovation and since the creation of blockchain technology, this has only been the dream of a science fiction space movie. We have been inspired by ouija to create what we call Pay Back Free Privacy Loan an automated way to create universal basic lending in limited amounts so that no one ever has to be without again.

Our Future Goals

We plan on initiating this technology with the poorest communities in both America and Africa to allow the poorest to be some of the very first to receive these needed funds. We will utilize payment forms like Bitcoin, PayPal, CashApp, Safeth Cash, and more as options to receive these funds.